Top 10 Activities To Enjoy In And Around Kanha National Park

"One can measure greatness and the moral progress of a nation by how it treats its animals” – Mahatma Gandhi

With a strong will to save the natural habitat of animals in the wildlife, Kanha National Park was created in 1955. Spread across an area of 940 km square, Kanha National Park has its imprints over Balaghat and Mandla. Being the largest National Park in Madhya Pradesh, it mothers not just the big wild cats, leopards and barasingha but a huge variety of avifauna too.

When in Madhya Pradesh, Kanha is indeed a place to quench your thirst for an unforgettable trip, as the place not only allows one to have a thrilling experience of witnessing the rich wildlife, but also enjoying several activities. Check out some of the best things to do in Kanha National Park in our blog right here! Start your journey between the cool months of October to March as that’s the